Martin established Tritonia Scientific Ltd. in 2018 and is the current Managing Director.  He gained a BSc in Zoology/Marine Zoology in 1984 and a PhD in animal physiology in 1987.  He was previously the Head of the UK National Facility for Scientific Diving and has been diving for over 40 years holding several professional diving qualifications.  

Martin is a member and past chair of the European Scientific Diving Panel, a member of the UK HSE Diving Industry Committee, a member of the UK Scientific Diving Supervisory Committee, a member of the Society for Underwater Technology’s Diving and Manned Submersibles Committee, an editorial board member for the journal Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine, and is the editor of the journal Underwater Technology.

He has published nearly 100 peer-reviewed articles and almost 300 proceedings papers, edited works, abstracts and research reports.  He is an accredited member of the Academy of Experts.


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