Andy is a post-doctoral research associate at Tritonia Scientific.  He gained a BSc (Hons) in Marine Biotechnology in 2006 and a PhD in Marine Biogeochemistry in 2012. Andy previously worked at University Marine Station, Millport and the UK National Facility for Scientific Diving, Oban, as a diving technician and researcher for five years before starting work with Tritonia Scientific in 2018. Andy researches, develops and applies 3D Structure from Motion photogrammetry for Tritonia Scientific and is a certified HSE Pt IV diver with 3000+ work dives in temperate and remote tropical environments. Andy also holds a Remote Pilot Qualification and is responsible for Tritonia Scientific’s unmanned aircraft systems. He is one of five chamber supervisors at the hyperbaric recompression facility and a diving officer for the Bertarelli Programme in Marine Science.


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